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Award winning Ceramist, specialising in high-end restaurant tableware and interior ceramic homeware.


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Hi My Name is Bryony..

My practice revolves around designing and making functional ceramic objects. There is a clear focus on form and function working in harmony. There is often a blurring of boundaries between sculpture and utility, which is a signature of my design style. Recently, I have focused on material-led thinking and innovative processes in order to create a collection of lighting for the home, Sculptural pieces, along with various collections of tableware aimed at fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants.

The designs themselves are minimalist in style but elegant, utilising contrasting qualities such as colour, material and finish to create eye-catching objects. I work by experimenting with different techniques; evolving and developing my pieces to create unusual combinations of texture, colour and pattern. I focus on precision and attention to detail in the work I produce; the processes I have developed lend themselves to this.

My process begins with a conversation with the client; leading to my understanding of their aesthetic, needs and ideas. I thrive on collaboration and conversation. Bouncing ideas back and forth with customers and colleagues leads to the most rewarding outcomes. 

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